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YSU Holds Opening Ceremony of 2018 College Student Summer Social Practice



[News from the News Center] On the afternoon of July 5th, the opening ceremony of 2018 YSU college student summer social practice (YSU-CSSSP) was held at Room 109, Student Center, East Campus. More than 1000 people attended the ceremony, including Huang Sheng, YSU Vice President, Li Xida, Secretary of Communist Youth League (CYL) YSU Committee, Deputy Party Secretaries and Secretaries of CLY of each School, and representatives of instructors and students of social practiceteams. The ceremony was hosted by Zhang Yang, Deputy Secretary of CYL-YSU Committee.

The ceremony

Li Xida speaks at the ceremony.

Xie Yinke speaks at the ceremony.

Song Wenjie speaks at the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Li Xida gave the students a brief orientation of YSU-CSSS: precise objectives, systematic work, forward planning, project-based initiatives, and comprehensive popularization”, the strategy of “launching projects based on real demand, organizing team based on projects, and realizing win-win goals”, and the practical working framework of “ceremonial incentives at the early stage, mid-term publicity supervision, and popularization and summarization in the later stage”. Li first affirmed that YSU teachers and students had achieved excellent results in social practice in 2017, and then put forward three requirements for this year’s social practice: “to think in big-picture terms and be concerned about people in the whole world”, “to tempt skills and keep persistent”, “to firm belief and show wisdom. She hopes that the practice team will stand at a new starting point, keep eyes on the new journey, implement new tasks, and feel no regret in the new era. Xie Yinke, a representative of instructors, and the Song Wenjie, a representative of students spoke in turn. They talked about their understanding of social practice activities and expressed their determination to do practical work with practical actions.

Huang Sheng speaks at the ceremony.

Huang Sheng expressed his deep practical feelings of being earnest and doing practical things by sharing with audience the social investigation of Comrade Mao Zedong to observe China’s national conditions in his youth, General Secretary Xi Jinping’s experience in Liangjiahe Village, college students’ deep understanding of reform and opening up in the social practice of poverty-stricken areas in the 1980s and 1990s, and the story that since the beginning of the new century, students solved the problem of aircraft screw shape in scientific research during practical practice. He demanded that teachers and students should practice with emotions, with the mission of contributing to society, with thoughts about life, overcome difficulties, go through tests, support and helpeach other, and gain in practice, preserving precious memories of life.

The flag-giving ceremony

(Photos above from CLY YSU Committee)

Finally, Huang Wei, on behalf of YSU, presented the flag to a representative of the practice service teams. Along with passionate music, 100 practice team flags fluttered at the venue, inspiring all the members of the practice group to write the power of social practice.

2018 YSU college student summer social practice is themed by “Fulfilling Youth Dreams and Pursuing Merits in the New Era”. This year, CYL YSU Committee, through the selection of projects,set up 2 national special key teams, and reported 7 national key teams, and formed 16 provincial key teams and 100 school-level key teams. The practice teams involve a wide range of fields and cover a large geographical span. Through the practice activities of nearly two months, YSU teachers and students will temper their will and quality, witness the growth of youth, and show the wisdom and strength of YSU.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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