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YSU counselor Wang Yinsi won the title of the 10th National College Counselor of the Year



[News from the News Center] On June 25th, the meeting of National College Counselor was held in Central South University. Liu Dawei, Member of Party group of CPC MOE committee and Assistant Minister, delivered an important speech in the meeting. Li Shouxin, the President of Fudaoyuan Affairs Research Branch of China Higher Education Association (FAR), Tian Hongqi, the President of Central South University, and Zhang Donggang, the Director of the Department of Moral Education and n Department of Personnel also attended the meeting. All counselors were awarded for the honor they have won during the activity in the meeting. It is the first time for YSU counselor to win the award, and Wang Yinsi is also the only one who has won the honor from Hebei province since 2010.  

Liu Dawei presents the award to Wang Yinsi.

“The National College Counselor of the Year” is the greatest honor for counselors, which is awarded to the most outstanding ones from 139 thousand counselors nationwide. The activity was organized by the MOE and received broad attention and active participation from universities nationwide.  The selection is divided into three stages, including university recommendation, anonymous review, field visits, results announcements, and finally 10 are selected as the annual counselors, 39 are nominated for the annual character, and 149 are selected for potentia

l winners.

Wang Yinsi is awarded as The National College Counselor of the Year in 2018

(Photos above by Division of International Cooperation)

As the leading counselor in YSU, Wang Yinsi has been working as a counselor for 16 years, accompanying and witnessing the 3368 college students maturing in YSU. She has been practicing YSU spirit with her actions, demonstrating the extraordinary education in an ordinary post. She visited more than 20 colleges nationwide to learn their effective education technique. She has been invited to go to various places to give special reports on capacity improvement and to share her fruitful results with approximate a thousand counselors. She also set up a counselor club for colleagues to improve themselves by carefully drafting the  topics for every forum. She has been attaching importance to the moral education and was chosen as one of the teacher-training group to give speeches, spreading the spirit of the nineteenth Party Congress. She elaborated on the topic of faith and loyalty in a series of lectures. She established a “Seven-color education system” which aims to improve students’ senses of patriotism, appreciation, self-cultivation, career planning, self-reliance, health, and peers’ complement, which helped students to develop in an all-round way and produced some Outstanding Class and Individuals.

Meanwhile, she pays attention to teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and combines online and offline lectures. These measures make the students with learning difficulties lay a solid foundation and let the students otherwise gain more skills. Also, she values her own professional development, insomuch as she was awarded the honor of Eminent Individual in moral education, the Provincial Counsel of the year, the winner of the National College Counselor Professional Ability Competition. In a word, she has demonstrated the image of a loving, patient and responsible counselor.

The honor Wang Yinsi was rewarded is another great achievement of the team of YSU’s counselors. It demonstrates not only our success but the overall level and professionalism of YSU’s counselors. Since great importance has been paid to the construction of counsel group, YSU had founded the Counsel League and invited domestic top experts to teach their theories and practical teaching in order to provide wide space for their development. What’s more, YSU also supported counselors to go out to study and exchange their ideas with others, to improve themselves. YSU will pay much attention to improve the counsel group, which is expected to make a greater contribution to the development of college construction and the cultivation of high-qualified talents.  

[Translated by Yao Jian]

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