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YSU Student Wins the Championship in the 14th CDIO International Conference and Student Program Competition



[News from the News Center] From June 28th to July 3rd, the 14th CDIO International Conference was held at Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT) in Japan. YSU sent four students to the conference for the first time, and Shi Xiuxian from YSU School of Mechanical Engineering won the championship in the International Student Program Competition.

The photo of championship group

(Photo from Academic Affairs Office)

This competition was themed by “the influence of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on human life in the future”. Guided by the concept of CDIO, the competition provides students with a platform showing their achievements in CDIO training, which attracted competitors from China, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Malaysia, Japan, Germany, Thailand, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe.The competition was focused on the UAV grabbing mechanism, involving the application concept and structural design, the actual assembly with the materials provided by KIT, and the operation of UAV. The competition is comprehensively evaluated in terms of overall design, CDIO concept application, application feasibility, ethical issues, CAD/3D software application, communication skills, and performance of presentation.

The CDIO engineering education model is a new trend in international engineering education reform in recent years. CDIO stands for Conceive, Design, Implement, and Operate. It takes the life cycle of a product from its development to its operation as the carrier, allowing students to learn engineering with active, practical, and organic links between courses. The CDIO training program divides the ability of engineering graduates into four levels: engineering basic knowledge, personal ability, interpersonal team ability and engineering ability, which requires students to achieve their intended goals at these four levels in a comprehensive way.

Since the introduction of the international advanced CDIO engineering education concept in 2007, YSU, as the participating unit of the CDIO Engineering Education Reform Project of the MOE and the lead unit of the mechanical group, has taken the initiative in building a capacity-oriented teaching mode that takes projects as acarrier. In 2013, YSU officially joined the “CDIO International Cooperation Organization” and promoted the CDIO teaching model throughout the university and has achieved fruitful results.

The 14th CDIO International Conference attracted 85 member units and 348 delegates from 30 countries and regions, and a total of 401 papers were received, of which 125 papers were accepted. This year, YSU selected students to participate in the International Student Program Competition held concurrently with the CDIO International Conference for the first time. Our university selected Shi Xiuyan and Sun Hongdi, juniors in Mechatronic Control Engineering, and Wang Qinghao and Han Yunhai, juniors in Mechatronic Engineering to participate in the competition with Bian Hui, teacher from the School of Mechanical Engineering. The students have played an important role in their respective international joint teams, demonstrating the comprehensive engineering strength of YSU students. YSU is planning to continue to select students to participate in such competitions, to enhance the international influence of our school, deepen the CDIO teaching philosophy, and enhance the international education level of our university.

[Translated by Xing Tong]

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