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YSU held 2018 Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony



[News from the News Center] At 8:30 am on June 26, YSU 2018 Undergraduate Graduation Ceremony was held at the Second Stadium on the East Campus. Party Secretary Meng Weidong, President Liu Hongmin, Vice President Sheng Yuyu, Kong Xiangdong, Zhang Fucheng, Xie Yan'an, Secretary of commission for discipline inspection Li Rong, Standing Committee Member of the CPC YSU Committee Wang Baocheng, Vice President Huang Sheng and Zhao Dingxuan among other school leaders attended the ceremony. Relevant functional departments and heads of colleges, counselors, parents of some graduates, and more than 4,500 undergraduates from 14 colleges attended this unforgettable ceremony. Graduation ceremony was hosted by Zhang Mingli, Director of Department of Student Affairs.

Some emotional and creative elements have been added to 2018 graduation ceremony such as Qiuxue Road with colorful flags flying, red carpet leading to the door of hope, four graduation arches indicating four years youth time, some beloved good wishes... When it comes to the design of the graduation ceremony, the base width of the support columns on both sides of the arch is 98cm, which represents that YSU has a history of 98 years; the total length of the four arches is 20.18m, which represents the year of graduation, and a new journey starts… The double-sided messages on the arches record graduates’ some remarkable moments in YSU. The graduation ceremony is emotional and meaningful.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the graduates of different schools chanted different slogans to highlight their unique characteristics. The graduation ceremony inaugurated with the magnificent national anthem.

The graduation ceremony.

Zhang Mingli is presiding over the ceremony.

President Liu Hongmin granted degrees to graduates, and YSU leaders granted degrees to international graduates.

President Liu Hongmin granted degrees to graduates.

International graduates were granted degrees.

Graduate representative Cui Xuan spoke in the ceremony on behalf of graduates. He had been granted some awards, particularly, he had served in the People's Liberation Army Rocket Corps for 2 years, and after graduation he was admitted by the Graduate School of Tsinghua University. He shared his remarkable life experiences before and after serving in the army. He extended his gratitude to his alma mater for its all-round development. He noted that his alma mater’s excellent education inspired him to pursue his dream. He will continue to work hard, and carry on Yanda spirit. He ended his speech with a heartfelt expression “I'm proud of being a graduate of Yanshan University.”  

Mr. Zhao Hongcang, father of Zhao Yuan who is he first prize winner of China University Students Material Heat Treatment Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the winner of National Inspirational Scholarship, delivered his speech as the parent representative. He recalled that during the four years, Zhao Yuan had changed dramatically from being introverted to being a monitor, receiving the honor of provincial outstanding graduate, and being admitted for graduate study with no entrance examination by Beihang University. He thanked YSU and teachers for their meticulous cultivation and selfless contribution. He hoped that the graduates would not forget their alma mater and classmates, and make commitment to family and society.

Alumni representative Pan Feng, 2003 graduates of Mechanical Design of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Assistant of General Manager of Tianjin Forging Press Co., Ltd., and Senior Engineer, were invited to speak at the ceremony. He shared his personal story and experience from the green hand in the workplace to being awarded the National May 1st Labor Model. He hoped that YSU students could have a good understanding of the importance of attitude, study, adaptation and making contribution. It is hoped that all graduates live up the Yanda spirit of hard work, rigorous study, and innovation and assume due responsibility to be a social elite.

Graduates representative Cui Xuan speaks at the ceremony

Parent representative Zhao Hongcang speaks at the ceremony.

Alumni representative Pan Gaofeng speaks at the ceremony.

Huang Sheng declared "Deciding on the Reward for YSU 2018 Best Graduates". Liu Qi and other 10 students won this title and YSU leaders awarded trophies to the winners.

Huang Sheng speaks at the ceremony.

YSU leaders awarded the trophy for the winners of YSU 2018 Best Graduates.

YSU prepared special graduation gifts for graduates — privately-acquired graduation badges engraved with student ID numbers and names, which means that everyone is unique in the eyes of his alma mater, and it also pinpoints the good expectations of alma mater. In addition, every graduate can access the WeChat platform to obtain the exclusive blessing written by the school leaders. YSU leaders presented graduation postcards with best wishes for the graduates’ representatives. It is hoped that the graduates will spread YSU’s valuable spirit.

School leaders give graduation gifts to graduate representatives.

Liu Hongmin representing YSU delivered a class for the graduates with the theme "How to deal with the future." They gave everyone their hopes and wishes for the future. Liu Hongmin first expressed his congratulations to the 2018 graduates and family members on behalf of YSU teachers and students, thanked the hard-working teachers, and hoped that the students would plan their future careers well and follow their pursuits. He encouraged graduates to work hard to cultivate four qualities which are valuable assets for their future life. He hoped that the graduates will be courageous and fearless, meanwhile, be reasonable and wise to know when to persist and when to quit.

The wise man knows better about what the future holds, and has an insight into the essence of things. Goals would be achieved by those who have a wise choice, the habit of lifelong education, effective learning method, and persevering spirit. It is said that benevolent people are invincible, insomuch as the graduates should cultivate honest and tolerant personalities. Liu Hongmin ended his speech with a phrase “I wish you all the best in your life”. It conveyed the teachers' and students' blessings and hopes for graduates.

Liu Hongmin speaks at the ceremony.

The graduates took an oath led by Ma Haocheng, a graduate of the School of Economics and Management who is going to study at the University of Queensland in Australia. The oath is from the wisdom of 2018 graduates, which expresses their gratitude to their alma mater and teachers, their determinations for the future, and their aspirations to build a better world. 2018 graduates’ “I love my teacher, I love my Yanda” brought the ceremony to a climax and aroused round applauses.

All graduates take an oath.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, all the leaders walked to the playground to the Picture Wall to see off graduates. The graduates waved their hands with tears. “Goodbye alma mater” and “I love Yanda” brought tears to many teachers and students. When leaving the court through the four arches, their graduates started a new journey with great expectations from alma mater.

School leaders welcome graduates.

The graduation ceremony is the last class for 2018 graduates, which is a great expectation and blessings for them. The spirit of “Valuing Virtue, Pursuing Knowledge, and Seeking Truth” will be carried on and spread by graduates. All the teachers wish a splendid life for every YSU graduate.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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