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YSU held 2018 Postgraduate Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony



[News from the News Center] On the morning of June 24, YSU 2018 Postgraduate Graduation and Degree Awarding Ceremony was held at the East Campus Student Activity Center. Party Secretary Meng Weidong, President Liu Hongmin, Vice President Sheng Yuyu, Kong Xiangdong, Zhang Fucheng, Xie Yan'an, Secretary of commission for discipline inspection Li Rong, Vice President Zhao Yongsheng, Standing Committee Member of the CPC YSU Committee Wang Baocheng, Vice President Huang Sheng and Zhao Dingxuan among other school leaders attended the ceremony. Special guest and academician Pang Guofang of the Chinese Academy of Engineering was invited to attend the ceremony. The graduation ceremony was hosted by the Dean of the Graduate School, Guan Yingping.

Degree awarding ceremony.

Kong Xiangdong read the graduation document.

Zhang Fucheng read postgraduate degree awarding document.

The graduate representative Xue Zhanwei speaks at the ceremony.

The supervisor representative Professor Hua Changchun speaks at the ceremony.

Special guest, Academician Pang Guofang of the Chinese Academy of Engineering speaks at the ceremony.

Kong Xiangdong and Zhang Fucheng respectively read YSU graduation and degree awarding documents of Yanshan University. Xue Zengwei from the School of Mechanical Engineering representing the graduates sincerely thanked his alma mater and the supervisors for their education. He is determined to uphold the Yanda spirit and assume the responsibility to serve our society. Dr. Changchun Chang, a doctoral supervisor of the School of Electrical Engineering, spoke on behalf of the supervisors. He expressed his sincere hope for the graduates who are about to leave the campus. He hoped that they would work hard and be realistic in the new life journey in the future.

The special guests and Academician Pang Guofang of the Chinese Academy of Engineering made a warm speech at the ceremony. He pointed out that China has entered a new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and that burden of building a great country falls on the shoulders of the young generation; informatization brings a golden opportunity for us, insomuch as the majority of graduates should seek opportunities to improve yourselves and make due contributions to building China into a world power.

Liu Hongmin speaks at the ceremony.

At the ceremony, Liu Hongmin made a wonderful speech on personal achievement and making contribution to mother land. As the last lesson, Liu Hongmin emphasized on the theme of patriotism: we need to be patriotic and self-righteous, meanwhile, have passionate love for the whole world. He hoped that all the graduates have strong belief in scientific socialism and integrated China’s development with the historical and cultural traditions and the current reality. He pointed out that China is becoming the greatest defender of peace and free trade in the world; we need gentle patriotism, and the connotation of patriotism is not ruthless but a combination of rigidity and flexibility. We should spend due time with our family because “filial piety” and kindness to the family are the premise of loyalty to the country. In the end, Liu Hongmin wishes graduates an interesting life, a successful career, and a fruitful journey.

Liu Hongmin assigns tassels to the PhD graduates.

Liu Hongmin assigns tassels for international graduates and takes a group photo.

Pang Guofang and YSU leaders assign tassels and take pictures for graduates.

In the graduation ceremony, Pang Guofang and YSU leaders assign tassels and take pictures for graduates.

[Translated by Lv Bo]

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