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Academic Report: China's Aging Population: Situation, Challenges, and Opportunities



Topic: China's Aging Population: Situation, Challenges, and Opportunities

Time: At 16:00, June 13 (Wednesday), 2018.

Venue: Room 217, Building of the School of Humanities and Laws, East Campus

Lecturer: Prof. Yuan Xin

Lecturer Profile:

Yuan Xin, PhD in Economics, is a professor and PhD supervisor of the Institute of Population and Development, Nankai University. He is the Director of the Center for Aging Strategic Development at Nankai University and the Director of the Old Age Strategy Research Base at Nankai University, Tianjin. Experts of the National Expert Group on Population Development Strategies, Standing Directors of the China Population Society, Executive Director of the Chinese Gerontology and Gerontology Society, and Vice President of the Tianjin Population Association.

His main research areas are population policy, population aging, low fertility & population structure, population economics, and sustainable development. He has been presiding over more than 100 research projects including the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Social Science Fund, projects commissioned by provincial or ministries departments, and international cooperation projects. He co-published 29 monographs, and published more than 170 papers, many of which were published by Renmin Ribao and Guangming Ribao newspapers, Xinhua Digest and other newspapers.

He was awarded the title of “National Outstanding Teacher” by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Personnel (1995), the “New Century Excellent Talents” (2004), the “First Population Scholars Award” (2007), and “China Population Award” (2015), the highest award in the field, among more than ten other achievements.

All are welcome!

School of Humanities and Laws

(Translated by Liu Shuai)

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