1.      Study abroad program, quarter/semester or yearround, cross discipline    


         Columbia University, Visiting Students ProgramSince 2012

         University of Pennsylvania(Since 2015)  

         University of California San Diego, Elite VisitingStudents ProgramSince 2011

         Boston University (Since 2015)  

     University of California Riverside, EliteVisiting Students ProgramSince 2010


2.   Summer Program, cross discipline  


        Columbia University, Summer ProgramSince 2012

        University of Pennsylvania(Since 2015)  

        Boston University (Since 2015)  

        University of California San Diego, Summer ProgramSince 2011


3.    Graduate preparation programs  

      UCR Graduate Preparation Program C Engineering(since 2013)  

        UCR Graduate Preparation Program C PublicPolicy(since 2015)  

        UCR Graduate Preparation Program C Education inTESOL(Since 2013)  

        UCR Master Of Business Preparation Program CFinanceAccounting (Since 2016)  


    4.   Internship program  


                Boston University Graduate Certificate Program andInternship  


  5.   Short-term customized program  


        Entrepreneurship and Innovation  

        Mini MBA  

        Fashion Design  

        Media and Communication  

        American Judicial System and Public Administration  

        Finance and Business  


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