Teaching in Yanshan University



1SalarySalary is 5500 RMB /month before tax for BA, 6000 RMB/month before taxfor MA and 6500 RMB/month for PhD. The salary will be paid monthly with RMBfrom the day of starting work. The full monthly salary will be paid before the15thof each month. The academic year begin from early September andcontinue through the end of the second semester. Teacher will receive a salaryfor a period of not less than ten months. In case the time is shorter than awhole month, the payment shall be counted by day. The daily wage shall be 1/30of the monthly salary (the same with February). No more than 70% of the salarycan be changed into foreign currencies monthly. The foreign expert shall paythe personal income tax in accord with the Personal Income Tax Law of thePeople's Republic of China.

2TravelallowanceThe travel allowance will be 4500 RMB. Halfof the travel allowance will be paid prior to the end of the half of theacademic year, and the other half will be paid after completing the wholeacademic year teaching.

3Naturalgas feeThe university will reimburse natural gasfee for the teacher who has fulfilled the duties of a complete academic year.

4Overweightluggage allowanceOverweight luggage allowance will be offeredto the teacher who has fulfilled the duties of a complete academic year and donot renew the contract. The teacher will be entitled to a maximum of 800 RMB overweightluggage allowance provided by our university.


1TheapartmentThe University will provide an apartment for free. Wewill guarantee the decent living conditions in the apartment.

2AccommodationtimeThe teacher can move into the apartment one weekbefore the starting date of the contract, if not renewing the contract, theteacher should move out of the apartment one week after the end of the springsemester or no later than July 5.

3FacilitiesThe university will provide well furnished apartments with bedding,telephone, television, refrigerator, toilet, heating and cooling facilities,etc and pay for all utilities and maintenance fees.

4InsuranceForeignteachers must have their own medical insurance and injury insurance availablein China. Foreign teachers will purchase their own medical insurance and theuniversity will provide accidental injury insurance.

5AirfareTheUniversity will provide a round trip ticket (international economy class airticket for the nearest distance between the teacher’s home point and Beijing orthe point of entry in China as determined by the university) for teachers afterthey have completed one academic year teaching. Upon requests, we can also givethe teacher RMB in cash equal to a minimum of 80% of the value of the airfarein lieu of a ticket.

6TransportationprivilegeThe university will arrange travel fromBeijing International Airport to Yanshan University for new coming teachers andthe cost will be the responsibility of the university. Teacher who hasfulfilled the duties of a complete academic year and do not renew the contractis entitled with car travel from the campus to Beijing International Airport andthe cost will be born by the University.

7OtherfeesWe will assist in obtaining the legal visasand other necessary documents for his/her coming.

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